Antiperspirant May Stop The Itch from Mosquito Bites

Deodorant Helps Mosquito BitesAccording to the Kirkwood-Webster Journal in the St. Louis metro area, antiperspirant may be all one needs to bring down the intensity of the itch from your latest summertime bug bite.

Dabbing a bit of your favorite roll-on on to the afflicted bite area seems preposterous at first. Why would something that normally keeps one from sweating be effective in stopping the itch?

Dr. Ken Haller, a SLUCare pediatrician, explains that when the mosquito bites the skin our body reacts by pushing more fluids toward the affected area which, in turn, ends up further irritating the mosquito bite, for example. If you use an antiperspirant – rollon’s are recommened by Haller – the bite won’t get sweaty and therefore is less irritated.

“The inflammatory response ends up being worse than the thing it’s trying to fight against,” Haller said. “Our body kind of overreacts.”

The doctor goes on to say that you probably don’t want to put the roll-on chemicals on your face or hands because of the aluminum in the roll-on.

Other great tips from Haller for avoiding mosquito bites include:

— Mosquitoes are around morning and night. Don’t think if it’s evening you’re not going to get bit. So, protect yourself!

— Deet and other insect repellents can be very helpful in preventing bites.

— Standing water is a place that mosquitoes love to congregate. Avoid it!

— Just like the roll-on, if you’re using Deet, don’t put it on the hands or face.

— When you’re outside, citronella candles can help ward off mosquitoes.

— Your clothing can attract ’em. Don’t wear bright prints, otherwise you’ll be “entertaining” mosquitoes.

July 13, 2008 – 4:19 pm

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