$740 Bug Extermination Bill Does Not Stop Bugs in PA

Renters in Harrisburg, PA, have been fighting the good fight in their quest to rid themselves of a bed bugs infestation and, at one point, attempted to “circle the wagons” in order to get away from the biting bugs according to PennLive.ocm.

But, to no avail. The little bugs found them and continued to suck the family’s blood. Attempts by the family to use a vacuum, spray the bugs with liquid detergent or exterminate with Lysol did not work out and even a professional exterminator whose bill came to $740 (paid by the landlord) was unable to kill the little devils.

What’s next?

The family was not ready when the landlord’s exterminator visited a second time two weeks later. The allegedly important second spray was delayed at least week. That can’t be good.

The landlord and tenant are now fighting over whether the landlord is responsible for the bill related to all of the furniture destroyed by the infestation according to the tenant.

The tenant’s lawyer had advised the tenant when they moved in that they should have bought renter’s insurance which would have covered the costs associated with the bug infestation. Sadly, the tenant didn’t go for it – but it’s a great tip for the rest of us.

As of now, the renters believes that the bed bugs came from an empty row house next door and they intend to move as soon as possible.

August 20, 2008 – 7:36 pm

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