Bed Bugs Bite Fox News

Bed Bugs Picture - Fox News
courtesy of Gawker

For nearly a year, Fox News in New York City has been under attack from, of all things, bed bugs.

“Fair and balanced” is now, “fair, balanced and infested.”

Apparently, a bed bug infestation at an employee’s home allowed a few of the blood sucking bed bugs to attach themselves to their unknowing host and then spread the bed bug problem throughout the office.

How bad is it? It’s so bad employees have begun to sue Fox News for the bites they have suffered and the mental anguish.

At this point, there is discussion about who the Fox employee might be with the infestation. More than 20 employee homes were visited before the offending home was identified. For some in the media, bedbugs at Fox News will be a “fun” topic. But, for those affected, not so much.

What can you do to help prevent bed bug bites?

In a situation like the office, it’s hard but opening immediate communication with your boss regarding bed bug infestation concerns is a starter. If they’re not sympathetic, they will be when they get bitten or bring it home to their families because they did not act on an employees justified request.

Further suggestions would include taking any clothing used at the office and washing it thoroughly when you get home – or, put it in a sealed plastic bag temporarily. Of course, those little bed bugs can bite, so it seems possible they would go right through the bag.

As least, we don’t work at Fox News. Bed bugs can be a nightmare and having them at the office AND home seems like the worst of all possible scenarios.

August 28, 2008 – 8:38 am
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  2. wondering what a broke person with no card might buy to get rid of these bugs. I am not working right now. I usually clean houses and businesses but, I really do not want to with this bed bug problem. So with that said I could use a cheap remedy thank you


    By Rebecca Morgan on Sep 8, 2008

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