Brooklyn Has Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs on Humans
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Brooklyn, New York, is yet another hot bed for bed bugs (no pun intended). According to the local paper, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, since 2004, complaints about bed bug infestations have increased over 1900 percent.

No explanation is given other than the bed bugs continue to be a problem globally, not just in certain locales. If mattresses discarded on the sidewalk is any indication, Brooklynites have a mighty big bug bite problem on their hands.

Richard Cooper, a purported bed bug experts and co-author of “The Bed Bug Handbook: The Complete Guide to Bed Bugs and Their Control” says that something needs to be done at the federal level if the bed bug bite problem is ever going to be brought under control. The Orkin man isn’t going to cut it.

In addressing the global problem of bed bugs and how it’s affected the U.S., Cooper offers, “More bed bugs were introduced more frequently, allowing bedbugs to become more established in the U.S.” Cooper suggests that perhaps bed bugs are becoming more resistant to chemical, bug extermination efforts, but no one knows for sure.

Cooper expresses concern that if something isn’t done at the governmental level soon, lower income and senior populations are likely to experience increased infestations which will only make it worse for everyone else.

August 27, 2008 – 6:24 pm

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