Bed Bugs Infestation Hits Luxury Apartment

Bed Bugs in CTEven the rich have problems with bed bugs infestations.

A couple in Manchester, Connecticut, recently endured bed bugs in their luxury apartment before they finally had enough and left. According to NBC 30, the management of the complex didn’t help things, either.

Summer Rodgers, the tenant, told NBC 30, “[My husband] had all these bites on him, and they wouldn’t go away, and the way they bit him was in clusters, which wasn’t the normal mosquito or black-fly bite.”

After calling a bed bugs extermination expert and enduring weeks of treatments of the apartment by the exterminator, their place was still infested so they moved out – throwing out their bed and couch in the process.

Dr. Henry Feder, of St. Francis Hospital, told NBC 30, that even though the bed bug bites are irritating, unless you are allergic, the bed bug bites are not a health threat.

Spoken like someone who never had bed bugs. :)

September 18, 2008 – 9:28 am

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