Bed Bugs Infestations in Columbus, Ohio, Cause Concern

Bed Bugs InfestationIn the 1950s, bedbugs were nearly eradicated from the United States according to an article from The Columbus Dispatch. But, today the bed bugs are back and biting, and health officials in Ohio are becoming concerned enough to create legislation and convene meetings to find solutions to bed bug infestations.

How bad is it in some areas? The Cincinnati Health Department received 737 bedbug complaints in 2007.

In Columbus, Ohio, health officials are split between calling this a nuisance issue and a serious health concern. After all, the bites are annoying but not lethal or harmful to your health such that Columbus Health Department spokesman Jose Rodriguez told the Dispatch, “Bedbugs are really looked upon as a nuisance issue.”

But, Susan Jones, an entomology professor at Ohio State University, suggested that with the scabbing that occurs, possible secondary infections and the anxiety of the situation are all health concerns that must be addressed.

In fact, Harvard University suggests that a mild to severe allergic reaction can occur for some who suffer from bed bug bites over a prolonged period of time.

3-year-old Colton Oser is also featured in the article and is shown with awful-looking bed bug bites on his arm. Colton now takes allergy medicine to combat the bed bug bites which look like chicken pox.

With the Cincinnati health department requesting $348,000 for bed bugs education and inspections, Columbus officials are considering a task force be created and has already released its own tip list on bed bugs.

Director of Public Housing at Ohio State University, Claude Nesbit, told the Dispatch that the University needs to double its extermination budged after an infestation forced the emptying of over 100 rooms last year and the treatment of many more rooms to make sure the bed bugs did not spread their chaos.

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October 1, 2008 – 9:14 am
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  2. this is such a crock because ive had this bedbug problem for only a few short months and got out of control so fast even with all the spraying it didnt help, i was so alerget to the bites that it afected my breathing my doctor said, weve since moved, but had to leave everything behind, we lost EVERYTHING!!! got a bug free apt, now and we spray every week just in case because we are so paranoid now, i have a little girl with cancer and this just distroyed her mentally and physically, god help us not to ever have to deal with this again, dont even let people in my home any more and kids come home from school and put their bookbags out side now just in case!!!!!!!!!!!!


    By karen perrin on Nov 7, 2010

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