Bedbug Infestation for Jacksonville Family

Bed Bug InfestationThe Byrd family from Jacksonville, Florida, is covered in bed bug bites and they can’t take it anymore.

Local station WJXT reports that the family of four has already thrown out of their apartment the two twin mattresses formerly used by the children and the queen-sized mattress and box spring for the adults in hopes of ridding themselves of the bloodsucking, bed bugs infestation.

They now sleep on a plastic toddler bed and inflatable mattress, respectively.

And now, the Byrds are leaving their apartment. As often is the case, the apartment manager disputes the bed bugs infestation by saying that the family brought the bed bugs with them. Consequently, the landlord’s refusing to return the $1,000 deposit as the family is breaking their lease.

With little sleep and ongoing psychological anxiety, the Byrds look forward to moving away from the bed bug bites and the infestation.

They are also experiencing another common bed bug effect: shame. The Byrd’s daughters haven’t told any friends about the bedbugs at home, and one daughter says, “I’m too scared to [tell her friends]. I think they’ll think I’m disgusting.”

We wish the Byrd’s a much happier life at their next apartment.

September 4, 2008 – 12:12 pm

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