Brown Recluse Spider Invades Illinois Schools

Brown Recluse Spider in IllinoisNo spider bites to report, yet, in Paxton, Illinois, but a brown recluse spider was caught by staff in the local high school and the school district’s pest control personnel positively identified it as the poisonous spider.

It is the third school building in the area to have been found containing the brown recluse spider and has left local officials, parents and students wondering what they can do to prevent coming in contact with the spider.

Sticky traps left by the Terminix workers at a local elementary school successfully caught the spiders during routine pest management visits last July.

The Illinois Department of Health points out that among the 3,700 species of spiders, there are only about a dozen that can have serious medical consequences. Of the 12 species, they either belong to the brown spiders (Loxosceles) group or the widow spiders (Latrodectus) group.

Also, according to health department officials, most bites heal within three weeks. Only a small number of people have severe reactions to bites or stings. Nonetheless, poisonous spiders are a concern in school buildings.

September 10, 2008 – 8:31 am

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