Brown Recluse Spider Bites Increasing

Brown Recluse Spider Bites
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One of the more painful spider bites is from the Brown Recluse Spider and in Kansas City they’re seeing nearly 70% of homes penetrated by the Brown Recluse according to Fox News in Kansas City.

The result has been an increased number of patients in the emergency room according to Dr. Gary Wasserman who says that the KC-area is a hotbed for the spider because it’s just north of where Brown Recluse spiders are known to concentrate.

In the interview, Wasserman suggested that he has seen the number of patients who have had severe reactions to the spider bites nearly double in five years.

For some the Brown Recluse spider bite looks like a mosquito bite and then the next day, if they have a reaction to the bite as Rachel McCabe did, they need to go the emergency room.

Ms. McCabe is now healthy again, but Dr. Wasserman states that some patients face scarring after recovering from the poisonous venom of the Brown Recluse.

According to the Ohio State University fact sheet on the Brown Recluse, it recommends many of the usual measures for preventing spider bites including wearing gloves when working around wood piles and wearing long-sleeved shirts and covering the skin.

With bites that can go unnoticed or feel like a mere pin prick, caution around venomous, Brown Recluse spiders is paramount.

Here’s a video of a purported Brown Recluse spider:

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August 25, 2008 – 3:49 pm
  1. 2 Responses to “Brown Recluse Spider Bites Increasing”

  2. I live in SOUTH BEND INDIANA, 4 weeks ago I was bitten 23 times on my back by a brown recluse spider, stomach 7 times and my thighs and legs another 17 times as of today FEB 6 IAM JUST NOW SEEING SOME SWELLING GO DOWN A LITTLE, AND SOME OF THE BITES GETTING CRUSTED,
    otherwise iam having a heck of a time with swollen thighs stomach, and thighs and right now can only walk about 5 feeet until exhausted i have been using antibiotics 3 times a night which causes extensieve “weeping” I just thought 5 weeks the venom would have left my body


    Jill Reply:

    100% impossible. Spiders only bite in self defense, and when they do bite, they bite only once. On VERY rare occasions they may bite twice (like if you rolled over on one in your sleep and it becomes trapped against your skin). Your situation sounds like either bed bugs or fleas to me.


    By george gollnick on Feb 6, 2009

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