Chiggers Bites Annoy Virginians

Chiggers PictureWith the summertime insect bite season still in full swing, chiggers (a.k.a. red bugs) and their chigger bites continue to annoy anyone who endures there tiny welts.

Robert Parker from the Virginia Department of Healthtold WSET in Viriginia, “There’s a misconception about it. The welts themselves are not places where eggs have been laid.” In fact, in Missouri, the local department of Conservation outlines the true cause – the saliva of the chigger contains a powerful enzyme which begins the process of the itch that chigger bites sufferers have to endure.

Back in Virginia, in another department of state government – Forestry, Chris Thomsen tells WSET that he has already been bitten by chiggers and has forced him to take special precautions when working in the field. Prior to each expedition, Thomsen makes sure he completely sprays down his body to prevent chigger bites around the belt line, ankles, armpits and other sensitive areas.

In spite of his efforts, Thomsen works in high grass areas and often bites from the microscopic insect can not be avoided.

Chiggers are part of the mites family of bugs that seems to be renowned for making people itchy.

September 8, 2008 – 8:15 am

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