Flea Bites and Kids

In what has to be a horror story for any responsible parent, children in Missouri were covered with flea bites and suffered from what appeared to be scabies and ringworm according to the News-Leader in Missouri.

The adult who took care of the children was charged with two counts of child neglect.

The local Humane Society reported that with over 100 animals in the living area where the children spent each day, it’s no wonder that the children experienced multiple flea bites and more. Bugs and roaches crawled the home as the children and their caretaker slept amidst the feces and debris.

The children were not the only ones abused. Animal control officers reported widespread infestation of the dogs and cats with fleas and ticks in addition to other medical issues.

The final total of animals at the home came to the following: eleven cats, ten goats, one pig, twenty-five chickens, twenty-six ducks, seven donkeys, twenty-one guinea pigs, forty-three rabbits, two kangaroo rats, 170 goldfish and koi and fifty-three dogs.

Though this case is horrendous and extreme, preventing flea infestation can be important to parents who are looking to keep annoying flea bites off their children. eHow recommends that having your pets checked, using insecticide as necessary in areas where your pets like to hangout, and keeping screens over areas where fleas can enter your home such as vents are important steps in prevention.

August 14, 2008 – 3:30 pm

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