End of Days? Flea Bites Transmit Bubonic Plague To CT Man

Flea Bites and Bubonic PlagueTo many, the bubonic plague is a disease of the middle ages responsible for the death of thousands, if not millions of people. Imagine the surprise when Connecticut doctors had the blood sample of their 18-year-old patient return from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta as testing positive for bubonic plague.

That’s exactly what happened according to reporter, Mary Ellen Godin from the Record-Journal, and flea bites in Wyoming may be at the bottom of it.

The man returned from a trip to Wyoming and entered the hospital with symptoms that were very similar to mumps such as “a large swelling on the left side of his neck in the lymph node and parotid gland, according to a report in the Jackson Hole Daily.” In addition, to putting the man on antibiotics, doctors took appropriate precautions with the staff in that the mumps are contagious.

Just before they were to release the man from the hospital as his condition had improved significantly, the test came back with the bubonic plaque result.

As it turns out, Dr. Robert Levitz, who specializes in infectious diseases, says that there are actually a few cases each year in the Soutwestern and Western United States and that rodents such as prairie dogs are believed to carry the disease. Flea bites usually transmit the disease to humans.

For the man who had spent a week in the Tetons of Wyoming and returned with the infection, after receiving the antibiotic Cipro, he made a full recovery according to the article. The bubonic plague doesn’t appear to have the impact it once did.

September 16, 2008 – 9:53 am
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  2. No it doesn’t as long as the lerson get antibiotics, which didn’t exist in the middle ages.



    By Mark on Jul 7, 2011

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