Insect Bites Warning in Ohio – Mites

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First, it was bed bugs in Cincinnati, and now it is bothersome mites as a warning has been issued in Hamilton County, Ohio according to WLWT and WCPO

These mites, or Pyemotes herfsi itch mites (oak leaf gall mite), are known for their insect bites which can seem like a skin rash but can turn into a bacterial infection if not properly treated and maintained according to news reports in the Cincinnati area.

The County’s Health Commissioner said, “The mites cannot be seen and the bites are not felt, but leave an itchy red mark that can resemble a skin rash.”

Of the bites studied thus far, these insect bites appear to be just like those from tiny, almost invisible mites, which are thankfully not known to infect people with disease.  But, the infection can occur if the bites are scratched and openings or breaks in the skin occurs.

Anyone who thinks they may have the bites is urged to seek medical attention for the proper medication.

Once again, DEET is recommended to anyone who wants to try to prevent bug bites from the tiny mites in addition to clothing with long sleeves and pants.

Also, even if you do wear clothing to cover the skin, make sure to fully wash clothing everyday so that any mites that may have attached themselves are removed.

It is further suggest that raking leaves can be a typical way in which mites will make contact with humans. So, to prevent bug bites from mites, try not to directly handle any lawn, leaf or garden clippings.

August 26, 2008 – 9:40 pm
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  2. I am wondering why the health dept. isn’t interested in keeping a data base of people who have been bitten. If these mites only come with the 17 year cicadas, they probably haven’t done much epidemiological studies on the consequences of the bites. If people were told to report bites and then keep in touch to update re. any unexpected health problems, we might actually add helpful information to the understanding of triggers for certain diseases.
    Just a thought.
    Patty Thomas


    By Patty Thomas on Sep 2, 2008

  3. My wife and I live in Ross Township and have been doing some landscaping at our home for the last 2 weeks. We have these small, itching bites on our arms. This sounds like the mites bites I heard about on Ron Wilson program. I have tried ice and Calagel for poison oak & ivy. Any other product one can think of please advise.


    By Lee Phelps on Sep 7, 2008

  4. You mentioned that you were doing landscaping. Did you happen to have topsoil or straw brought in for your landscaping? And, I wondered if your community was new construction?


    By M Hayes on Sep 9, 2008

  5. I have been absolutely miserable the past week and a half. I just realized that my husband and I had mulch brought in and I helped to put it out. I thought it started in the office. Something was biting 3 of us in Dayton. The room was steam cleaned last night and they said there is no biting today….I stayed home and went to the Dr because I thought I had lice or something in my head! My Dr. said my scalp was fine with the exception of bite marks!

    Today I washed my hair in Borax and Peroxide, Have used windex and Listerine directly on my body. Minimal relief. My husband doesnt believe me even though I do have these bite marks. Im wondering if the mulch or bumping into the bushes could have allowed a bird or mite to get on my body?
    Does anyone know of a Dr. that specializes in this?


    By Wina on Jun 2, 2010

  6. I started getting a rash on my legs, after raking oak leaves, about 5 years ago. Recently I read about the Oak Itch Mite, which seems to be the culprit. I live in Massachusetts. I can prevent it by wearing long socks, high boots and long pants. Using Ben’s or Deep Woods Off also helps. Be sure to shower after raking.


    By R Schneider on Nov 12, 2012

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