Midge Insects Spread Blue Tongue Disease in UK

The Blue Tongue virus which the UK has tried to prevent from entering its county in the past, is back, and and now the Telegraph reports that local health officials are planning to create a “midge map” to track the midge insects which bite the animals and spread the disease.

It is hoped that by understanding where all the infected animals are that Bluetongue – fatal to animals such as cattle and sheep – can be contained.

Using light traps, the microscopic midges are capture and each species is identified. With the identification, officials hope to find patterns that can help fight bluetongue.

Meanwhile, with 21.5 million doses of vaccine made available to farmers by the government, according to the Telegraph, farmers have fought hard to prevent the spread of bluetongue.

The two-winged fly, Ceratopogonidae version of the midge is known as a “biting midge” and believed to spread Blue Tongue according to Wikipedia.

September 9, 2008 – 9:10 am

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