Increased Dengue Cases in India Caused by Mosquitoes

Mosquite Bites DengueIn India, indifference to mosquito breeding grounds such as standing water has led to the highest number of cases of dengue in the last three years according to IBNLive.

The World Health Organization says “dengue is transmitted by the bite of an Aedes mosquito infected with any one of the four dengue viruses.”

With symptoms ranging from mild to high fever, there are no cures if you are infected according to the WHO (though they recommend hydration) and one of the worst afflictions associated with dengue – dengue haemorrhagic fever – can be fatal. Care by trained medical personnel in a hospital is recommended for those afflicted by mosquito bites containing the disease.

Back in Delhi, India, IBNLive says that the number of cases this year from the mosquito-born illness is 348 with two deaths.

Like many solutions offered by health care professionals and local officials, recommends that people sleep with long sleeve shirts, eliminate any pools of standing water where mosquitoes like to breed and, if eliminating water is impossible, IIMS Professor Bir Singh suggests spraying kerosene, diesel or black oil on the area which acts a mosquito repellent.

Obviously, the chemicals and fuels present other issues such as the danger of fire.

September 8, 2008 – 8:46 am

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