Mosquitoes Swarming in Texas

Courtesy of KOSA

Well, that’s no fun.

According to KOSA, West Texas has swarms of mosquitos bothering inhabitants.

There’s a helpful suggestion in the article that I’ve never heard before: use Listerine as a mosquito repellent. I feel like I have been one of the few among my friends that still uses Listerine, but now it works for mosquitos too?


Multiple mosquito bites on my legs causing endless hours of itching are absolutely annoying as I’m sure anyone would agree. And, the “attractive” red spots from the bites are hardly welcome. Of course, it could be worse. One could get West Nile Virus.

When I was recently in upstate New York, a friend had a lovely porch on which we enjoyed a barbecue. Little did we know that we were steadily being devoured by mosquitos. There wasn’t a swarm of mosquitoes as is apparently occurring in West Texas. It was just steady bites from a team of devilish mosquitoes. Wish I had had the mouthwash then. Instead, I waited for the itching to subside though my mother’s voice in my head said, “get the Bactine!”

The stagnant water nearby should have been a warning sign to me and others on the deck: mosquitos may be nearby and its time to get out the repellent.

Here’s what the Dalai Lama thinks about mosquitoes and their bites:

Whaddya think?

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July 5, 2008 – 3:06 pm
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