Tarantula Spider Bites UK Child in the Foot

Tarantula Spider BitesNothing like a good trip to the islands – except when you bring back unwanted cargo.

The Argus reports that a UK child who had returned from a trip to Cyprus with her family and unknowingly had a tarantula spider stowaway who made the child’s boot into her home (the spider was a female European tarantula).

The dark cavern of the shoe evidently provided a cozy spot and when the unsuspecting child decided to wear her boots again – ouch!

The tarantula spider bite was evidently not fatal or serious and, fearing more spider bites from the arachnid offender, the child’s mom immediately leapt into action and trapped the tarantula in the boot until animal control officers could arrive.

But, when the officer arrived, out came the spider at full speed! Managing to hide behind the refrigerator for a short while, the spider was eventually captured and now officials are looking to have it “re-homed”.

Hopefully it won’t be in anyone else’s shoe.

September 6, 2008 – 2:18 pm

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