Wasp Stings: Linkage for a Hot July

Andy Murray, a tennis player, was distracted by the fact his border terrier, Maggie May, was stung by a wasp while preparing for a match with Rafael Nadal. (Mirror, UK)

National Pest Management Association reports that wasps sting humans who are near nesting sites… so, don’t go near nesting sites! Also…
— As wasps likes sweets. Do not leave your sweets out.
— Close your windows and doors and make sure they’re properly sealed.
— Make sure you’re garbage isn’t open outside – seal it.
— Taking a swinging at an insect can result in a sting for you. Be careful.
— Get medical help if you’re stung. Allergic reactions can be severe.

There’s a type of mite out there that wasps use as bodyguards to prevent other wasps from attacking their growing family. It turns out the wasps are being eaten alive by the mites. (Science News)

Cicada killer wasps are a variety of large yellow-and-black wasps zooming around backyards during the summertime. Turns out there not as scary as they look. (The Sun News)

Bathe wasp stings in vinegar according to this source. (The Press and Journal)

July 24, 2008 – 12:45 am

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